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How To Use
  • Find a stable, heat-resistant surface for your candle.
  • Trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before lighting. This helps the candle burn evenly and prevents excess smoke.
  • Use a lighter or matches to ignite the wick at its base.
  • Once lit, let the candle burn until the wax pool reaches the edges of the container.
  • Use a candle snuffer or gently blow out the flame to extinguish the candle when you're done. Avoid blowing too hard, which can cause wax splatter.
  • After each use, trim the wick again to 1/4 inch to prepare for the next lighting. Keep the wax pool free of debris to maintain optimal burning conditions.

Warning - Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep it away from flammable materials, children, and pets. Extinguish the candle before leaving the room or going to sleep.


Soya Wax, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit

Reason to choose
  • 100% natural soya wax candle.
  • Handpoured.
  • Chemical Free.

Our Standards

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    100% Natural

  • 6.png__PID:4cf84b33-e4e9-4933-bd47-a96ace570dea

    Cruelty Free

  • ISO Certified

  • Paraben & SLS Free

  • 5.png__PID:524cf84b-33e4-4909-b3bd-47a96ace570d

    Chemical Free

  • 1.png__PID:9db4539a-524c-484b-b3e4-e90933bd47a9

    No Artificial Color

100% Natural & Chemical Free

Elevate Your Routine with Nature's Best

Our bathing essential brand truly sets itself apart from others by embodying a commitment to creating products that are 100% natural. We take pride in our strict avoidance of artificial colors, opting instead to infuse our creations with the captivating hues derived solely from herbs and clays. Furthermore, our dedication to authenticity extends to the fragrances we use, which are carefully crafted using essential oils. With our unwavering ethos, we provide a unique bathing experience that seamlessly combines nature's goodness with luxurious self-care.

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