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With the sudden rise in temperatures during the summer months, identifying the benefits of using face scrubs becomes all the more necessary. Our skin is exposed to harsh, warm weather conditions alongside dust, smoke and other air pollutants. This can damage our skin and lead to scars, acne and dull, dry skin which require a little extra amount of love and care to endure our day-to-day routines in the warm months.

While SPF moisturizers and face masks may be a great addition to your skincare routine, what better way to achieve smooth, soft and supple skin if not for exfoliation? By using the right face scrubs you can easily clear out your pores and get rid of the dust, dirt and dryness from your skin. There are several benefits of using face scrubs in the warm weather.

The need for exfoliation and the benefits of using face scrubs

Although most people commonly believe that our skin only requires exfoliation during winter, it is vital to understand that heat can lead to severe skin dryness and damage along with sensitivity and burning. Therefore, incorporating natural, handmade face scrubs consisting of charcoal or multani mitti weekly might be a good way to keep your skin healthy. Here are a few reasons that may motivate you to incorporate exfoliation into your routine. 

Removal of excess oil and sweat buildup 

The humidity and heat can lead to excess production of oil and sweat causing clogged pores, breakouts and dull skin. Using a natural orange peel face scrub will help get rid of the oil and sweat buildup as well as remove the dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and refreshed. 

Sun Damage

It is not merely surprising to comprehend the level of damage sun exposure can do to your skin. Hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and premature aging are just a few of the issues faced due to extreme heat. By exfoliating your skin regularly using multipurpose scrubs containing the goodness of rose or charcoal, you can promote cell turnover and achieve bright and even-looking skin. 

Better product absorption

Exfoliating creates a clean slate, allowing skin care products to penetrate better into your skin. With the removal of dead skin cells, oil buildup and clean pores, the products can reach into the deeper layers of the skin, leading to faster and better results.

Reduces dark patches

The accumulation of dirt and germs in skin cells may cause dark patches and uneven skin tone. This is caused due to poor lifestyle, harmful chemical-ridden products and prolonged exposure to sun rays. Applying a dead sea mud multipurpose face scrub can help improve blood circulation and promote new skin formation. 

Prevents ingrown hair 

Lifestyle advancements and environmental pollution lead to skin conditions like blackheads and blemishes obstructing hair growth and causing hair to grow sideways. Ingrown can be averted by using natural and good-quality handmade scrubs. 


Premature aging and the formation of wrinkles and fine lines have become a common occurrence due to poor hygiene practices and lifestyle choices. Due to unshed layers of dead skin, our skin starts drooping. In such situations, incorporating deep-cleansing natural scrubs can help prevent further skin issues. Moreover, face scrubs can also enhance the skin’s regenerative properties, thereby boosting the skin’s firmness. 

Heals Hormonal Breakouts 

Frequent hormonal breakouts can be frustrating and demotivating. However, applying a suitable natural face scrub occasionally can help remove the dead skin cells and clear out the blocked pores. Exfoliating can also lighten the blemishes, and acne scars leaving you with clear and soft skin. 


Using face scrubs made of natural ingredients like rose petals, charcoal or our very own multani mitti which has been a secret for healthy skin for ages now, might just be the solution your skin is looking for this summer. Adopting a simple, yet regular skincare routine with good quality natural products can benefit your skin in the long run and help you look refreshed, bright and confident. 

Choose the right handmade face scrub for your skin today and radiate your confidence tomorrow!

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