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Chocolate Fantasy Gift Kit

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Embark on a delectable journey into the world of chocolate ecstasy with our 'Chocolate Fantasy Soap Kit' – a delightful assortment that brings the allure of chocolates to your skincare routine! 🍫🧼 Indulge in the rich and scrumptious experience of these chocolate-inspired treats, carefully crafted to captivate chocolate enthusiasts. This enticing set includes:

1️⃣ Rich Chocolate Pastry Handmade Bar Soap: Savor the aroma of a decadent chocolate pastry, now in a soap form, designed to pamper and nourish your skin.

2️⃣ Sprinkle Swirl Chocolate Handmade Cupcake Soap: Treat yourself to the sweetness of a chocolate cupcake with our handmade soap, bringing joy to your daily cleansing ritual.

3️⃣ Heart and Flower Bomb Popsicle Dessert Soap: Cool down with the creamy goodness of a chocolate popsicle, reimagined as a soap for a refreshing and delightful bathing experience.

4️⃣ Creamy Delight Donut Dessert Soap: Satiate your chocolate cravings with our creamy delight donut soap, ensuring a luscious and hydrating cleanse.

Tailored to appeal to the young and the young at heart, our 'Chocolate Fantasy Soap Kit' is not only a visual delight but also free from harmful chemicals. Elevate your skincare routine with these all-natural, chemical-free chocolate-themed soaps. Perfect for those who adore chocolate-infused products, this kit makes for an irresistible and thoughtful gift. Bring the joy of chocolate to your skincare regime – order your kit now!
Storage & Shelf Life

Storage: Keep it in cool and dry place away from sunlight. Dry out soaps between uses to maximise product utilisation
Shelf life: Try to use within 6 months for fragrance purposes after which the colours & fragrances fade.
Our soaps are cold-processed soaps which means no external heat is applied.
Disclaimer: Our soaps are made from oils & butters hence they won't be rock hard as most soaps available in the market which are chemically processed.
Please note: Each batch of soap we make is handmade from start to finish, the design and coloring may vary by batch and/or bars and may therefore differ somewhat from images shown.

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Chocolate Fantasy Gift Kit Dessert Soap - The Bath Essence
Chocolate Fantasy Gift Kit Dessert Soap - The Bath Essence

Our Commitments

  • No Artifical Color

    We use herbs and botanicals for colors.

  • No Artifical Fragrances

    We use only essential oils which are derived from nature.

  • 100% Natural

    All our ingredients are 100% natural.

  • No Chemicals

    All are products are free from harmful chemicals.

  • Paraben & Sulfate Free

    No Paraben & Sulfate in our products.

  • Handcrafted

    All our products are hand crafted.

  • Cruelty Free

    We don't test our products on animals.

  • Easy Shipping

    We deliver Pan India.

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What make us different?

Our bathing essential brand truly sets itself apart from others by embodying a commitment to creating products that are 100% natural. We take pride in our strict avoidance of artificial colors, opting instead to infuse our creations with the captivating hues derived solely from herbs and clays. Furthermore, our dedication to authenticity extends to the fragrances we use, which are carefully crafted using essential oils. With our unwavering ethos, we provide a unique bathing experience that seamlessly combines nature's goodness with luxurious self-care.

Our Standards

  • FDA Compliant

  • GMP Compliant

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified